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Young Adult Fiction Novelist Speaks to Neil Armstrong Students
The Wave
Children’s author, Todd Strasser recently spoke virtually to students in Mrs. Kimberly Rehak’s Grade 6 reading class at Neil Armstrong Middle School about his famous novel, “The Wave,” and the mechanics of compelling storytelling.
The young adult novel is a fictionalized account of the very real 1969 "" teaching experiment by California high school teacher, . In “The Wave,” history teacher Mr. Ben Ross conducts an experiment with his students in an attempt to demonstrate to them what it may have been like living in and before long, “the movement” spreads through the entire school.
 The New York City-based author, who has penned approximately 150 novels in his prodigious career, recently published another young adult novel, called, “The Good War.” He spoke at length to the students about literary devices, including how to build tension and suspense as a means towards conflict resolution. 
“An author’s purpose is always to persuade, inform or entertain our audience,” he told the students.  “Once you understand the structure and mechanics of good writing, including how to use various devices to engage your audience, you are well on your way towards becoming an excellent storyteller.”